Do yourself a favor and stop taking hot showers

Intimidating as it might seem to take anything but a steaming hot shower it’s something I can promise you will get used to and might even like. Even mentioning a cold shower most people shudder. I did too at one time. Last year I started to take cold showers, the results were made the few minutes of ice cold water worth it. My skin wasn’t blotchy and dry after a shower, I didn’t come out of the shower more tired than I went in, my hair was shiny, I could use less shampoo, any back or chest breakouts vanished.

Cold showers burn more calories (if you’re into that) , improve circulation, and strengthen the immune system. You’ll find you’ll spend less time in the shower. I’ve cut my showers from 15-20 minutes to 5-7 because that’s all you’ll really want. In the last 9 months I’ve taken one “traditional” shower , hot and the room full of steam, one I would have used to taken. They are that good.

Be prepared for a different experience. This is unlike any other shower you’ve ever taken. You’ll have to mentally prepare yourself, there’s a definite plunge you’ll be taking by jumping in. There’s a shock that’ll come over you, but go with it…breathe, move around, and face the water. I’ve actually found there is something meditative about being under extremely cold water. No other thoughts will enter your mind other than getting out of there. Now that you’ve done it, start enjoying your new skin and hair. I’ve found I don’t need conditioner anymore and I rarely have to moisturize my skin. You’ll feel refreshed when you leave the shower, not in a daze from all the steam and heat.

There are things to make them easier to handle. 

A few tips :

1. Don’t take them coming right out of bed. That’s pretty intense. Move around a little, go have something to drink and then take your shower. It’s pretty unpleasant coming out of a warm bed to find yourself underneath icy water.

2. Start off lukewarm if necessary then go colder as the shower continues. Lukewarm means lukewarm though, do not go to hot or warm because I can almost guarantee you’ll end up giving in and taking a normal shower, it’s very tempting.

3. Workout, then shower. You’ll be more ready for it and it’s less harsh.

4. Only go as long as you can. In the beginning of getting used to cold showers I could only handle 1-3 minutes. You’ll build up a resistance and be able to withstand more. Usually a week into it you’ll start getting used to it.

Give it a try, give it a chance. It’s not something you have to sign on for life. Just something to consider or even break the monotony of your usual shower. It’s something to experience and see if you notice any improvements in your skin , hair or overall feeling after showering. If nothing else, you’ll be more appreciative of a hot shower.


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