The Easiest Eyeliner You’ll Ever Use

Even if you’re a seasoned eyeliner user, you can appreciate when one comes along that is easy to apply. A steady hand can’t substitute for a lack of quality, the angle matching up perfectly to your eye won’t distract from the rest of the line being varying thicknesses.

The “Kat Von D Tattoo Liner” is by far the easiest and best looking eyeliner I’ve used thus far. It’s a combination that you usually won’t find: simple to use, yet professional looking. In the past I’ve tried similar products such as marker eyeliners, but the thing is that’s exactly what it looked like! It looked like you went to your local arts & crafts store, picked up a black marker and traced it along your eye. Pencil liners are nice, but they fad, smudge and just don’t have the same intensity. A line you create in the morning that you can be proud of will become a part of your eyelid by the evening.

There’s the traditional approach of using a brush, that works well, but requires more skill, time and most of all confidence. Applying eyeliner is a lot about your confidence in your ability to apply it. The pressure of having both eyes looking even (and rightly so), the line connecting or the liquid staying smooth without clumps or dry patches. This product allows the liquid line to glide evenly and smoothly onto your eye. The tip of the brush is soft and exact. There won’t be any tugging or scratching.

To anyone starting out using eyeliner or just for an easier, faster alternative to your usual method, this is what you’ve been waiting for.


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