Going “Foundation-Free”

Have you ever thought in the middle of applying your foundation “why am I doing this anyway?” or “why am I putting all this stuff on my skin to have it look like, well… skin?”  I have. Then I would quickly remind myself I’m doing this because my skin wouldn’t look right. I would see things I didn’t want to see. Everyone would see “too much”. Since I’ve been 14 or 15 I’ve worn some kind of foundation, concealer or tinted moisturizer everyday. I would go months at a time without giving my skin any sort of break from the stuff. At the time my skin wasn’t good, it was not something I would feel comfortable going out without any sort of barrier between myself and the eyes of others. Dramatic as it sounds, if I went out without something on I would not leave the car or if I had to go out I would carry myself differently, my head would hang low not to show my face. I always thought when I had good enough skin, then I wouldn’t wear foundation. That day never came. Finally out of pure curiosity I tried going 2 full weeks without anything. No concealer, no foundation, no tinted moisturizer, no powder, no BB, CC creams. Just moisturizer.

If you challenge yourself or become curious like I did, the first thing you’ll probably think upon starting this adventure is “God I’m paler than I remember!” or darker, or “was my complexion always that ruddy?!” . It’ll be something along the lines of the tone of your skin, your actual skin. We only see glimpses of this these days. Maybe at night when we take everything off we’ll see our skin in some sort of dimly lit bathroom and it’s not a big deal because we’re going to bed. Then in the morning we’ll quickly apply our makeup in a hurry to get out of the house in time. Once you get past that, it’s actually more convenient. You won’t have to worry if you didn’t blend your makeup into your jaw properly and you have that dreaded and distinct line where the foundation starts. You’ll remember what your skin looks like and feels like with nothing on.

Your skin will balance itself. This is the most amazing thing that I’ve noticed since not wearing foundation. My skin has since improved since I was 14 or 15 or at it’s worst when I was 17, but even now it was not where I’d like it to be. Some spots were dry , there was some redness, but I thought this was normal, no one has perfect skin. My skin has truly transformed in the two weeks. It seems to be regulating itself. It’s even, there aren’t dry patches, no clogged pores. No dry skin in winter ? Yes.

If there’s no foundation there’s nothing to wash off. Now, if you’re washing your skin properly there shouldn’t be residue anyway, but it’s not the same as not wearing anything. You can get rid of the cycle of washing, stripping, toning, moisturizing. Your skin is capable of a lot if you leave it .You’ll find yourself being more careful you won’t be so quick to scratch or pick at your skin, knowing the luxury of covering it up with concealer isn’t there. All these things combined you’re going to end up with better skin.

It’s a little contradictory I realize, being a makeup artist and encouraging you to not wear foundation. I found it to be an interesting experiment. As time goes on you’ll find the less you wear the less you need. The need for it will go away. The need for it mentally to look okay and the need for it physically to cover imperfections. Am I going to wear foundation again? Absolutely. I love it, it makes your skin look even, flawless and gives you a little color. The point is that I can do without it, which is something I wouldn’t have been able to say in the past. This is something to do to start from scratch. See what you’ve got. You may surprise yourself with how you feel at the end.


5 thoughts on “Going “Foundation-Free”

  1. I’ve actually just recently been doing the same thing! Since reading ‘How to be Parisian’ I thought I’d apply some of their beauty tips and simplify my look. Instead of wearing heavy makeup I’ve switched to just concealer where I need it and mascara and I love it! I just add some winged eyeliner with a red lip and its dressed up and I feel so liberated!


  2. I’m going to post this on my pretty fresh beauty facebook page. This has been my theory for a while. I aee older women with amazing skin and most of them say they never wore makeup. That’s hard for me to pull off, especially because im a travelling artist for in store events. Still, now that things are slowing down, i may try this in the dead of winter when there is less work. Its gonna be a rough couple of weeks 😄


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