Keeping it fresh in 2015

2015 is almost here! Out with the old, in with the new. Isn’t that what everyone says?  Same goes with makeup. 

It’s the perfect opportunity to replace any makeup that you’ve had a while, clean any brushes or get some new ones. The mascara that’s been in your pocket book since March , the eyeliner that’s in the back of the drawer, they need to go. You can take a quick inventory on what makeup you’ve hung onto. There will be the makeup that actually looks good and what you’ve kept just because you got it free or at one time you liked it.

As time goes by your taste in colors, brands, finishes will change. Always be ready to try something new. I’m going to push myself in the new year to find a way to wear a nude lip that I like. I just can’t get into it. On other people I like it , but for myself it’s not something I care for. I lean always more towards color, but I’m really looking forward to finding the right one for me. I hope that in the new year whatever it is, you’ll go for it and try something different. If you’re usually more conservative with your eye makeup there will be a smokey eye that will work for you. Think you can’t pull off blush, neon eyeliner or a certain nail polish? You can. It’s just a matter of experimenting.

HAPPY, HEALTHY 2015! Wishing you all the best


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