Color’s Not A Bad Thing

You can wear color and not look like a clown.Wearing colors won’t send you back to the 80s or scream “I’M WEARING MAKEUP!” The concern is always “I would, but I don’t want to look too made-up.” Very understandable, however you can look extremely made up by wearing too much foundation or too much bronzer and there’s not a lot of color going on with those two.

Recently neutrals are really popular. Ever since I got the Naked Palettes from Urban Decay I have been pretty into neutrals as well. Neutrals are easy. They go with everything. After some time though, I realized I missed wearing colors. The makeup you do everyday doesn’t have to be “everyday makeup”. You aren’t limited to the looks on videos you’ve watched about simple everyday makeup. Switch your makeup every once in a while or as often as you want. It’s your face. If you aren’t really bold, or aren’t sure how to incorporate color try something small, mix it in with makeup you already wear. If you usually wear a neutral brown eyeshadow add a metallic emerald along the lashline or in the crease, on top of that add a darker brown. It’s muted, but there IS color there! It’s a step.

There’s more than just red and neons. I really love red. I wear it all the time. It’s one of my favorite colors, but there are other options for you if you’re looking for a colored lip. I’ve seen a lot of articles in magazines around the holidays or just in general to wear a red lipstick for what they call a splash of color. What about magenta, what about plum, what about tangerine, a dark rose color? These are all great colors. The other thing that I see for advice about adding color is using neons. Fun idea, but honestly I don’t know who looks good with a highlighter yellow color on their eyes. It’s eye catching sure, but not really flattering for the average person. When using colors whether it be blush, eyeshadow, eyeliner or lipstick it doesn’t have to be so extreme. I think it’s the extremity that scares people off.

You don’t need a plain outfit to wear colors. You don’t have to wait until you’re wearing a plain white shirt to use your purple eyeshadow trio. Wear it with a patterned dress or blouse. That being said, nice orange sweater, but don’t put that exact color on your lips and eyes all on the same day. Use a coral lipstick / lipgloss and gold eyeshadow instead.

Find colors that work well together. Bring colors out together. You’ll look great.


2 thoughts on “Color’s Not A Bad Thing

  1. So in the cease of eye shadow is still ok ? Smh lol I knew I wasn’t that old yet. My 17 yr daughter tells me stop. Its not like I’m caking it on. But I’m old I feel like it helps my saggie eyelids lol. Great blog Thank you I’m feeling not so out dated


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