Going Outside The Lines

Lining your lips. When it comes time to do it usually there is a goal in mind. You’ll make them fuller, you’ll make them more even, you’ll change the shape a bit. That’s good, you want to go in with a clear enough idea of what you want. It is a great strategy of getting your lips to do what you want them to do.

Take your time. Lip liner is a little tricky.  Don’t think of using it like lipstick or lipgloss, it’s not going to go on in one line or one lip-shaped circle. Take your time and check yourself in the mirror after each stroke.

Unfortunately you can’t completely redraw your lips from scratch. You currently have lips and you need to work with them. If you want to even out the shape go easy. Start small, you can always add on.

Fuller lips can be achieved in minutes. If you’re going for fuller lips your bottom lip is usually more forgiving for adding on. You can only add on so much to your top lip before it starts looking strange. You don’t want the space between your nose and your lips to be noticeably different…you’ve gone too far. Watch carefully around the corners of your mouth. Through talking, drinking, eating throughout the day it will come off so make sure it tapers off into your actual lip line near the corners.

You can change your look by redefining your lips. If you have very full lips or you would like to give them a more defined shape you can make them look a bit smaller, concentrate on the cupid’s bow and go slightly inside your natural lip. Again, watch the corners. You want to cut the line slightly shorter than your lips actually go. That being said, we don’t want a marionette look. Any sort of adjustment being made to the lips should be very minor, these are small small parts we are adding on or taking back.

Recently, I have been paying close attention to lip liners and the best methods to apply them.  Lip lining is really a trick anyone can use to get your lips where you’d like them to be. If used wisely your lips will look better than ever and it’ll only take a few minutes. Test it out, as time goes by you’ll find it easier to apply and you’ll be reaching for your lip liner more and more.


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