Survive The Winter A Little Easier With This

This is a product I feel strongly enough about to recommend. Unless something is really good I’m not going to put it out there and recommend it to other people.

Before getting too far into it, I’ll state the obvious. Goats. Yes, it’s made with goat’s milk. Whatever thoughts are running through your mind I thought the same thing. I was certain it was going to have a smell to it. It doesn’t and it is really good stuff.

I was in Woodstock this October and they had a little stand set up in a flea market. My hands were really dry since it was starting to get cold. The logo caught my eye and I decided to try some of the lotion. Immediately I could tell this was something that actually gets through your skin, not just sits on top. It’s not greasy, it makes your skin softer as soon as you use it. Besides all these qualities the smell is so pleasant. I bought the almond lotion. At the stand there was also lavender, both smelled light and not overpowering at all, but I figured I’d get more use out of the almond. Everyone in my house uses this. It has saved my hands this winter.

They have a number of products, I’ve only tried the lotion so far, but needless to say I’ll be trying more.

If interested here’s the Sweet Rama’s website:


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