Some people have skin that literally glows. It’s perfectly balanced, it radiates. That’s not you? Don’t worry. That’s why highlighter exists. Highlighting is really something to be taken advantage of. Even if you’re not really a fan of wearing a lot of makeup or the look of heavier makeup, incorporating a highlighter into your makeup routine is a way to look natural, like you aren’t wearing a lot. You’ll have a glow to you, like you take great care of your skin and are healthy.

So what’ll it be? What kind will you use? What form? For the most part this depends on the time of year and your skin type.  Liquid or stick form can be a little tough to keep in one spot in the summer, especially if you’ve got sun tan lotion on, eye cream, and on top of that you might be sweating. It’ll be moving. In that case a powder highlighter might be the better choice.

If you like liquid highlighter or have skin that’s on the drier side you’ll be fine by using some, wear a little bit, and what you do wear blend in well enough. It’s your call based on your skin type and what you prefer. Compare it to deciding whether a cream or powder blush is for you. Both work, both do the same thing, but it comes down to your taste and your skin. For convenience there are highlighter pens that you twist out, or you can improvise and use a light gold or white eyeshadow. For applying the powder I find using a small fan brush works nicely. I really like using the highlighter pens for work. They fit in your bag last minute and aren’t messy.

Where do I highlight? The hotspots for highlighting are on the bridge of the nose, cupid’s bow, brow bone, slightly above the cheek bones, along the temples. Feel free to pick and choose where you want it. Everyday is different, somedays you might want it only on your brow bone, other days you’ll want to hit everywhere. Sometimes highlighting is a look of it’s own. If you decide to go all out with highlighter you can make that your look. It’s enough of a statement to wear alone with very little other makeup.

The look of highlighting is one that’s hard to put your finger on if you’re not aware of it. It gives the illusion of having flawless skin. It’s simple, beautiful, and anyone can pull it off. What could be better than that?


6 thoughts on “Highlighting

  1. I didn’t realize how much I need highlighter until I skipped a few days and realized how much of a difference it makes.myoure absolutely right when you say it makes you look healthier! I feel glowy and radiant and healthy looking and the best part is that, if done right, it should look like you’re not wearing highlighter and that you’re naturally just dewy and glowing.

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