No More Chapped Lips

I don’t know how long I’ve been using chapstick. Probably since I was old enough to realize the sensation of my lips being chapped. If you’re like me you go through a cycle. Notice your lips are dry, apply chapstick, apply more chapstick less than an hour later. No matter how much you use, you’ll need more.

Isn’t the idea to help dry lips not put off the feeling of dry lips until later on?

An alternative is something you probably already own. Vaseline. I haven’t needed to purchase lip balm in months. At the start of last year I decided I would not buy anymore chapstick. It wasn’t working anyway. I replaced it with Vaseline. It is amazing the difference. It actually works. It doesn’t just coat your lips and give you the feeling of your lips being moisturized. It actually heals the skin. It smooths over any cracks, it lasts and it works great using a little before applying lipstick to give a better finish.

A tub of Vaseline will last you quite a while. I only use it in the morning (before applying lipstick) and at night, but really it’s more of something of a routine. I probably don’t even have to use it that often. My lips rarely feel dry or that they need something. No comparison to using chapstick.

The idea for this post came to me a few days ago when I was having a conversation with a girl and within the time I talked with her she applied chapsick 3 times. That was me at a point. At the end of every class I’d put on chapstick, after meals, before going outside. There were times in school where I would forget my chapstick and think “This is going to be a long day” and it always was. I was like Napoleon Dynamite “My lips hurt real bad!” I no longer experience that burning with the absence of traditional lip balm.

Vaseline will solve your lip woes.


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