Piling It On

Dry, cracked, heavy, brittle. Why would you want that when wearing something that is supposed to make your lashes more lush, thick, and dramatic?  How much is too much?

Coat, after coat, after coat the mascara builds and layers into something that leaves a look that is awful. Your eyelashes are a natural feature, meaning when all the makeup comes off, they’ll still be there. That being said there’s nothing wrong with wearing mascara and there’s nothing wrong with wearing a lot of mascara. You just need to know how to take care of your eyelashes, appreciate them and use mascara in a way that won’t damage them. I understand the want for bold eyelashes. I know a lot of people feel unless a certain amount is on they can’t see their eyelashes, they feel naked. In the process of seeking for those lashes you see on ads and in magazines you’re making the ones you have weaker. Wearing heavy mascara that is layers deep is not necessary. Try just for an experiment using a few less strokes than you would normally. You can get away with it. Experiment with fake lashes. You’re lashes will look as full , as long as you need while keeping your real lashes left alone.

Most of my clients will at some point during the makeup application complain or make a negative comment about their eyelashes. Realistically very few people are content with the thickness and length of their eyelashes. Even if you have short, stubby, thin eyelashes that grow in the wrong direction, the worst of the worst , you have eyelashes. There are things you can do with eyelash curlers , fake lashes, and most importantly mascara exists. 

When applying your mascara take notice of how much product is going on. The job may have already been done , your eyelashes may have been thickened up enough 8 coats ago, but you’re on automatic and just keep going. Checking after each coat will also help you to save product. Another thing that I like to do is after I finish applying mascara I’ll run my finger along my lashes to remove any extra while it’s still wet. Run your finger under some warm water and it washes right off. This will remove any unwanted clumps. 

Mascara may be the easiest way to quickly “make yourself up” . Running out the door? It’s right there for you. It’ll work, you’ll look better, more awake, and it only takes a few seconds. I know I’m in good company saying it might be my favorite makeup product. Use it to your advantage.


7 thoughts on “Piling It On

  1. I used to use a very dramatic mascara (still do on some occasions), but since I switched to an organic mascara my eyeballs and my lashes are so much happier. They get just as black and just as long. I just do one or two coats instead of four. It is so much easier to wash off (no remover needed!). And my lashes feel smoother now, it’s wonderful! Thanks on your less-is-more post. 🙂 Just wanted to share that I agree with the addition that switching to organic mascara can make a huge difference. I use Physician’s Formula Organic Wear, it’s cheap and it works!


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