Anastasia Brow Wiz vs Perfect Brow Pencil

When it comes to filing in my eyebrows I like a product that is in pencil form. All you need is the pencil itself. It’s convenient and there’s no little brush to be lost. Next I must say that I really like Anastasia Beverly Hills. I think it’s a brand that’s worth the hype. It took me a while to come around to them , but I am glad I have and I’m staying.

Within the brand and within pencil forms left me with two options. I always went for the Anastasia Brow Wiz. Why? Not sure, I guess something about it being retractable reeled me in. Great colors available, the result is great, very thin so you can make very accurate, precise lines. The problem I have with it is not anything to do with the looks, it comes down to actually using it. I’ve bought a few and it’s happened with every one. The first few uses are no problem where there’s plenty of product left to be pushed out. Somewhere along the line, from increased use or from the length of time gone by there will be less to push out…that’s where we run into problems. I had a lot of trouble when what was remaining in the pencil would get stuck or pop out too quickly. It would do sort of a jack-in-the-box motion where it would come catapulting out and end up on the floor broken. I spent a lot of time trying to get it to work. Think of how a regular mechanical pencil works. When you’re at about half a stick of lead left writing becomes a pain. When you press the pencil to the paper to write the lead disappears. Same principle applies.

Onto the Perfect Brow Pencil: No complaints whatsoever. I love this pencil. It has all the good qualities of the Brow Wiz without the hassle. If you’re going to use this brand and like to use pencils as opposed to a pot or a powder this is for you.


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