A Twist On Red: A review

Raspberry. This color I feel is underrated. It’s red, but not. It’s in the family, but something is a little different about it. 

It’s just what you need if you like red, but are in the mood for something that will change it up a little. During the winter months you get in a routine, everything is kind of mechanical. Break it up. I was looking for a new lipstick color. This winter I’ve been wearing the same 3 lipsticks or some combination of the three. I went in with nothing particular in mind. I was out of the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner (which I wrote about in another post) I picked one up and was about to move on. I realized I never gave much thought to her lipsticks. I like the eyeliner. Time to expand my horizons. I was so pleasantly surprised. I ran a swatch of a couple of the Studded Kiss lipsticks on my wrist and could tell it was really nice quality. Good pigmentation and good variety of colors. The color that really caught my eye was “Bachelorette”. It bright, eye catching, but not in the usual way, it was subtle. It’s one of those colors that the more you look at it the more you realize the many qualities it has and how versatile it would be.

It’s truly a ruby. I believe this color would be flattering on any skin tone, any age, any time of year, you name it. It has very good lasting power, I’ve worn it a few times now and it stays put. It smells pleasant, not too strong , it doesn’t have that “lipstick smell”. It’s matte, but not drying. It goes on evenly, smoothly, very buildable. One coat looks totally different than 2, than 3 and so on. Perfect for a day to night transition.

Kudos to Kat Von D another great product.


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