Covered Up

Concealer was probably the last thing I learned how to use correctly. It was the one of the first makeup products I ever used, but the last one I got a handle on.

At first I used it almost as a foundation. To me it made sense, buy less product get more coverage. The weird thing was I never used it where it was intended on being used. I would use it all over my forehead and maybe some on my chin. I was missing out big time.

Always I thought that putting concealer under the eyes was more done for the sake of being done. I thought “I don’t have any serious bags under my eyes.” “There isn’t any major discoloration or anything to hide, what’s the difference?” I’ve learned now there is a difference. There is an openness, a brightness, a lift that can’t be achieved any other way. To be honest it took a little getting used to. I thought it changed the shape of my eyes wearing concealer. It does in a way, there are shadows missing that were once there, a depth that isn’t there. It’s been concealed. Now, however I like the evenness the concealer brings, especially if you wear a fairly full coverage foundation, it helps fade into the skin of the eye, rather than stopping abruptly with the absence of concealer.

Another place that I have become very accustomed to using concealer is around my nose. This area I always could see the redness through foundation, but thought “well that’s the color it is, so it will bleed through a bit.” Concealer has changed that. If you have a lot of redness or discoloration around your nose it will help show the true size of your nose. The discoloration goes around the nose, making it appear larger, it traces the outline, drawing it out. Before concealing around the nose make sure that the area is well moisturized. This will prevent any falling into cracks or not going on smoothly during application. Also, it help to avoid any further drying out.

Around the mouth is a common place to put concealer, since it can be a place where discoloration occurs. I’m not talking about outlining the lips for definition or cleaning up lines, but just to put it there to even out the skin. Which is another point, concealer can be used to create some very clean lines that would take much longer to accurately hit without it. For example: You have under 5 minutes and a very dark lipstick, it smudges easily. While applying and in a rush you go outside the lines a bit. Rather than having to worry that you didn’t stay perfectly in the lines you can clean up the lines with a small brush and some concealer.

It’s an eraser in many forms. It’s a highlighter, getting rid of any dark spots, shadows, unwanted lines or marks. While I may not have seen it before, there’s a method to the concealing madness.


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