Quick Tips: Nail Care

Let’s not focus on “healthy looking” nails, let’s actually focus on getting them healthy. Like in a lot of cases the key to health has a lot to do with balance.  Although I don’t get fake nails, so in a lot of ways that’s saving my nails some abuse, the standard process of using nail polish and removing it, is not doing any nails any favors either. However there are a few ways to save your nails any further damage.

I’m not going to get into things like to stop smoking, or taking specific vitamins to improve the health of your nails. This is more of a surface level take on the health of nails when using nail polish.

Soak your nails after removing the polish: All you need is a little olive oil , if you want you can dilute it slightly with water, but it works best as is. This kills the feeling of heaviness on the nail, that feeling when the nails become sensitive to the touch. It will also give some moisture back to your nails after using the nail polish remover, which is a considerably harsh product to be able to remove nail polish with a few swipes, to your nail and the area around it is equally as rough.

Refrain from picking the nail polish off: Tempting, but don’t do it. It’s really harmful to the nail and it’s not the best looking thing either if you can’t get it all off.

If you can get away with 2 coats, don’t add the 3rd: Some colors or brands the first coat is as intense as the third or fourth. They’ll be less to remove and it’s not as thick, not to mention it saves nail polish and further down the road, money.

Wait 2-3 days before applying more nail polish: This has been tremendously helpful. I used to be a heavy nail polish user. I still am, but I wait in between putting on the new color. In the past I would remove one and put another right on after that. This is where a lot of the balance comes into play, it’s like working out, you need a recover period. I realize that going without nail polish isn’t as fun as wearing it , but it’s only for about 48 hours for your nails to breathe a little. You’ll find that your nail health improves dramatically by doing this.

Always wear a base coat: Especially with a dark color. It gives your nails a layer of safety. The dark colors in particular sink into your nails and can stain them.

Don’t pull hangnails: This is a weak spot for me. I see the hangnail and immediately I want it gone. I pull it and I can tell you it doesn’t lead anywhere good. The finger hurts, it can be swollen where it was pulled and bleed, not an area you want to get any nail polish in. Best thing to do is use a nail clipper and cut it as short as possible without hurting yourself. It’ll heal much quicker and won’t break up any sort of a nail routine you’ve got going.

It doesn’t take a lot, just a little discipline at certain times and balance.


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