New Mascara Pick (Drugstore)

 Their packaging isn’t anything to get excited about, the selection is pretty slim and it just kind of fades into the background with all the other brightly colored and eye-catching mascaras that are in front of you in the aisle. I hadn’t used an Almay mascara before. Nothing drew me to it. I was in a hurry and just kind of needed a new mascara. I just picked it up and thought “let’s see what it can do.” Despite the boring straight, gray tube Almay’s Intense I-Color Volumizing Mascara is something special. There are things this mascara does that I haven’t gotten from any other mascaras I have tried. 

  • IT DOESN’T CLUMP. I’m not sure how this can happen, but you actually have to try to make this stuff clump up on you.
  • There is no drying time. If there’s one thing I don’t really care for it’s the feeling of wet mascara drying or smudging it because it hadn’t dried. You’ll put this on and it’ll be dry before you can test to see if it is.
  • Odor isn’t overwhelming. With some mascaras I really question if what is in the tube is safe for human eyes. It can smell pretty potent. This of course has a scent to it if bought to your nose, but nothing out of the ordinary.
  • Curls and Lengthens without weighing down your eyelashes. This stuff is light. You can still blink and feel like your eyelashes are around the same weight as before. This is very comfortable mascara to wear.
  • Brush Power. One of my other really favorite features which is hard to come by is the brush on it. It’s thick, it gets slightly thinner at the top, it really gets through efficiently and well. It coats without the wiggling motion usually necessary.

I really can’t think of any cons other than the packaging , which I know is a hang-up for a lot of people because they feel like they want to buy something “pretty”. I can agree with this on some level because like I said I didn’t even notice it due to it’s bland outside. Look past that and you’ll have a good thing that’s reasonably priced on your hands.

photo 2


6 thoughts on “New Mascara Pick (Drugstore)

  1. I love this mascara! The wand is pricklier than most, but it gets the job done better. I can’t believe I don’t see it getting rave reviews on youtube. I love using it when I don’t want stark black lashes (mine is a dark brown purple for green eyes).

    But yeah, the packaging is lame, ha. The matching liquid liner is really good as well, IMHO. 🙂


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