Getting Your Lipstick To Last All Day

Sometimes the lipstick you want to wear isn’t a long lasting formula. It’s going to be a long day. Now what?

Disguise , blend and layer.

You can disguise the look of lipstick fading by blending well and layering. Think of it going from a day to night look, but in reverse. Except it’ll be food, drink, talking and time that’ll be lessening the makeup instead of lightening it up yourself. 

Let’s start:

Bare lips. Add vaseline or some kind of lip moisturizer/balm (no glosses) Blend in as much as possible, use a tissue to blot away any excess.

Take the lipstick , instead of focusing the majority of the color on the edges, add extra to the middle of your lips since that is where it will be coming off of. (If you notice people that wear lipstick all day the outline is usually intact, it’s the center where it’s missing, this is especially true with dark colors) Take a tissue and dab.

Repeat the process of applying the lipstick and dabbing until you get the intensity desired. This will layer the lipstick effectively. You’ll be able to layer without having a lot of product moving around on your lips. The last thing you want is a slippery surface.

I would recommend concealing around the mouth a bit for this. It will give the lipstick something to land on if it were to go outside your lips. Also it will keep it neater and add a cleaner appearance even if it were to happen. It’s a base that will give you some wiggle room.

“You have a nice color on. Great! You’ll be eating and drinking and not able to reapply in between. Not so great.” As that goes through your head, you’ll be able to stop it in its tracks. These few tricks will make a real difference when it comes to the amount of time your lipstick will last and how it looks when it does inevitably come off.


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