Quick Review: Revlon ColorStay Skinny Liquid Liner

I really enjoy doing reviews on drugstore products because I feel like just about anyone has access to it. This is an impressively good eyeliner. Either my recent expectations for drugstore liquid eyeliner has been lower than it should have been, or I just got lucky with this. Last I remembered liquid eyeliner that comes in this form, this type of container, with this brush was a definite no-go. I didn’t know if it was the brush itself or how it had been sitting made it (as I recall) Β to come out in globs, very tough to apply, the line would result in sort of a curved thick thing that didn’t connect in spots. It just wasn’t my cup of tea, especially after finding the Tattoo Liner by Kat Von D.

Two things attracted me to buy this :

  • Color (Electric Blue)
  • “Skinny” (to me that meant that the brush would be thin and less product would come out at a time for more control)

Thankfully I got what I wanted out of the above two and more. The color is as bright and vibrant as the outside implies. Nothing is more disappointing than liking a color on the outside and opening it to find a different color entirely. It has a slight shimmer, but certainly not glittery by any means. It’s just enough. The brush is fairly thin, maybe not skinny, but in the end it didn’t matter it was easy enough to be applied in one or two swipes. It is ideal for anything on the go. There wasn’t anyΒ burn factor. That’s huge. Sometimes things that are colored can irritate my eyes more than let’s say a black or brown item would , not at all with this liquid liner. It has really good lasting power. I wore it for about 10 hours without any base or primer on my eyes. It hadn’t smudged or faded.

Only real downfall would be the color selection. I wish it came in more colors, but I’d certainly buy again.


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