Less Is More

Maybe that’s just me. I feel like when it comes to hair it’s best not to have layers upon layers of various sprays, gels, conditioners, serums, curl definers, smoothening creams, treatments of whatever your hair calls for. Less put in is less to wash out.

I’ll go into what I use because I’ve used it for a while now and I can say I really don’t have any complaints. Just so you can compare, my hair is on the fine side, but I have a good head of hair. I get highlights and have had 2 or 3 perms in the past, so it’s not completely untouched.

Shampooing: Head & Shoulders (Classic Clean) – I used this mainly because it was what was in the shower. My brothers use it, I use it. Now I don’t have dandruff, but I do like the smell of it, it’s simple it’s clean. It’s pretty basic and that’s really what I look for. For the most part it does what it says it will, it cleans. Your hair will come out similar to how you went it. It doesn’t condition, dry out or add shine. It just cleans.

Conditioner: I don’t use conditioner, just because I ran out one time and I didn’t get around to getting it and didn’t notice a huge difference so I just left things as they were.

After showering: I do however use a leave-in conditioner. I like to put it directly on so it can dry on my hair. I don’t have frizzy hair, but it helps keep it smoother and easier to brush through. What I use depends on what they have at TJ Maxx. I kind of just get whatever looks good and it’ll be a good price. At the moment I am using one by A’Kin, I hadn’t heard of this brand, but it’s sort of all natural, it has a very light scent and it doesn’t leave your hair greasy.

Heat protectant: I’ve used this one for years. I think Got2B is a good brand overall. I have the Guardian Angel which protects up to 425 degrees. They have in the heat protectant line sprays for curling and blowouts , but I use it for anything that I do to my hair with heat. I like the idea of having something in between my hair and whatever I’m using that’s hot and could damage it. I’d say if you’re not using one, you do need a heat protectant. Without using one I did find my hair (especially the ends) to be a lot drier, even fried looking.

Occasionally I’ll use coconut oil through my hair and leave it for a little while and wash it out , but other than that, that’s pretty much the full rundown on what I use on my hair. It’s simple, I’ve been doing this for a while and my hair is in good condition.

Pick what you need and you’d be amazed what your hair can do just with a little help.



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