Simple Mask

This mask is good anytime of year, but especially during the winter. It’ll help tremendously with dryness, redness, and overall appearance and feel of skin. When I say it’s simple I mean really simple, as in one ingredient. Avocado. If you want a shortcut to soft skin in about 15-20 mins here’s what you’ll need :

  1. One ripe avocado
  2. Two bowls
  3. Water
  4. Bath Towel


  • Fill a small pot full of water (you can use purified water if you want to go the extra mile). Let it come to a boil.
  • Get your avocado (While you wait for the water to boil mash about half an avocado with a fork. Do your best to get out all the lumps, this will make it easier to apply to your face. It also helps to have a very ripe avocado. Once finished mashing store in a bowl)
  • Pour the water ( Once it has boiled get a bowl big enough that the water once poured in will reach all your face. So for example, a teacup would not be a good idea since the steam would only go to your nose. Get a big enough bowl, but not so big that the steam escapes too much. Pour the water into your bowl.
  • Grab a towel (Again you’ll need something that will not allow the steam to escape, so something like a bath towel is best. The sooner you cover your head and allow the steam to hit your face the better, you don’t want the water to cool too much. How long you steam your face is up to you, but I’d allow a few minutes at least, or until the water cools)
  • Put on your mask (Take your mashed avocado and apply to your face. It’s a little tough at first because there might be some leftover lumps, but you can always work it out with your fingers. Leave for 10-15 minutes.)
  • Rinse off with warm water (By the time you wash it off it will have hardened, gently wash until all the avocado is gone)

The first thing you’ll notice is how soft and even your skin feels. The only thing I recommend is doing this at the end of the day or before a shower. Some of the avocado can wander and harden in places where it will look really nasty. You don’t want a hardened green substance in your hair or ears, stick with a shower after. One of the great things about this is you can do it everyday if you want. There was a time I did this almost every day and it didn’t affect my skin negatively at all. If you have an extra avocado and your skin is a little irritated or you’d just like a smoother finish give it a try.


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