Red Cheeks Don’t Count

Believe it or not a lot of people are jealous of “a little color”, even if that color happens to be red and a lot of it. Just because you have a ruddy complexion or even rosacea it shouldn’t mean you can’t wear blush. You shouldn’t be limited to the rosy hue of your cheeks or face.

The secret is to not just apply blush! I know that a lot of people with reddish skin from whatever condition get intimidated by blush. They think it’ll make them redder. That’s true if you get a darker blush and apply without doing anything.  Just because something is labeled as blush doesn’t make it the traditional rouge. There’s a lot of variation and different options.  Secondly, if you add some foundation, concealer, bb cream, or some combination of all you’ll end up with a different result than in the past, assuming you’ve even given it a try.

Red skin is skin, just like with any other tone or color it needs to be evened out. Now, it would look unnatural to completely get rid of your normal skin tone, so don’t over do and think “I know, I’ll cover any trace of my actual skin, then it’ll be even for sure!” While that’s true, you’ll also look like you’re wearing a mask. The idea is to even out what is already existing. Anything that stands out as intensely red or angry-looking, conceal, the rest take bb cream to. A lot of times with reddish skin comes sensitivity, they go hand in hand. You’ll be limited on the amount of products you can use. With that in mind use any calming serums or creams beforehand and conceal what you can. Concealer can be stretched with moisturizer for a homemade tinted moisturizer with good coverage. That way you know it won’t bother you.

Once evened out now is the time to bring in the blush. I would recommend a light peach blush to begin. It’s a very safe option and I guarantee it will not make you anymore red. From there you can expand your horizons. The colors I would recommend avoiding would be a dark coral, any sort of red blush, a deep plum or a bubblegum pink. The rest is up to you. Experiment, you won’t have to question if a color is right for you or not.

The point I’m trying to get across is that is that anyone can wear blush. Depending on who you are you just might to take extra steps. There’s no need to say “Oh I wish I could wear blush, but my skin”. No more.


8 thoughts on “Red Cheeks Don’t Count

  1. I totally used to NEVER wear blush because my skin naturally is red so I felt like I would just look even more red! Looking back, only wearing foundation definitely made my complexion look really flat! 😦 This is a great post! 😀 I agree, blush is for anyone and everyone!


      1. Haha yes it can do that! 🙂 It’s all about building up the colour though and not applying too much at once! I think maybe that’s why people get intimidated. :O


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