Get It off Me!

It stays with you, it sticks, it smudges, it gets deep in pores and creases. You wake up and it’s still there. Wearing eye makeup is great, but if you wear it overnight it doesn’t look so nice. It loses it’s luster and will most likely irritate your eyes. The safest bet is to remove it , especially when there’s a lot of it. Your eyes, like anything else need a break to repair and rest overnight.

I’ve been using the same eye makeup remover for a few years. Here’s what I use and here’s what I do:

Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover


It’s really non-irritating. Something scented can be nice, but when it comes to my eyes the less of a smell , the better. It’s fairly inexpensive, it only requires a little shake before use. There’s not a trace of an oily feel, which is how it should be based on the name, but you never know.

I take a cotton ball or give the bottle about 2-3 tilts to soak the cotton ball slightly and apply it to my eye. I know there is a method of using cotton pads and leaving them there for a few minutes as you lightly pat them to remove most of it, but really I don’t have the patience for that. Instead I go with the cotton ball and lightly press, i’ll move it along the lash line and around the entire lid. From there I’ll go back with a Q-tip and clean up anything I missed. I’m in the habit now of taking another cotton ball with water and going over the entire area to remove any excess makeup or makeup remover. This step is optional depending on if you’ll wash your face following this. I do wash my face after removing my eye makeup, so in theory it isn’t necessary, but I do it anyway. A few moments later there might see left over makeup settle to creases or corners of the eye, if that’s the case I’ll go with a Q-tip and eye cream to lightly remove it. After all this is done I’ll use an eye cream to moisturize after “washing” the area.

It all takes about 5 minutes and it will be worth it when you wake up and your eyes aren’t puffy with smudges of yesterday’s makeup. Instead they’ll be prepped and ready for the next day.


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