Fix Your Face In Ten Seconds

We can safely assume is that your day doesn’t end at “the end of the day”.No matter what type of combination of face products there’s usually a buildup at the end of the day. You may have just finished work and now you need to get ready to go out or you came out of the gym and now you’re going to run some errands, there are so many things that come up during the day and sometimes you don’t have time for a makeup touch up.

I discovered blotting papers in 10th grade. I saw a lot of girls using them after gym class. I didn’t break a sweat in gym class, so I thought “those aren’t for me”. However, at the time I was wearing a lot of face makeup to cover redness on my forehead and three hours into school my face would look kind of shiny. I decided to give the blotting papers a try. It made such a huge difference. It maintained the makeup I had applied, but dabbed off anything that was unneeded or had moved on the surface of the skin.

Still, today I use blotting papers. I don’t need them everyday, but I keep them in my pocketbook because they are so great in a pinch. At this point in time the amount and type of makeup on my face has changed since when I was 15. I could easily have on bronzer, foundation, blush, concealer and highlighter. Some days I won’t wear anything on my face. I know this varies by person and by day, but if you buy them you will use them and they will not disappoint. These are also fantastic for anyone with oily skin. I always thought of foundation at the end of the day being similar to oily skin because it’s that extra layer that doesn’t need to be there, that can be lifted. As I said, you could have a full face of makeup…(I mean the works!) and you can use these safely knowing it won’t ruin any blending or work you’ve done to achieve the look you have.

My favorite are the Boscia Green Tea Blotting Linens . boscia Feel free to use any that you like or that you have a preference to. All it takes is ten seconds of patting one on your face and you’re good to go.


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