What Cured My Eczema

The summer before last I was met by a very unpleasant surprise. Eczema. It was caused by the perfect storm, in the morning I had used dry shampoo and it was raining buckets, I got soaked to the bone. I went to the air-conditioned indoors and everything dried. A few hours later it was still raining and I had to go out again, the cycle repeated. I got soaked, then on the ride home in the car it all dried. As soon as I got home of course I showered, but it seemed the damage was done. Somewhere along the way the between all drying, soaking and base of dry shampoo the balance of my scalp got way out of whack .

The next day I woke up and …”what is that feeling?” I thought. It was incredibly itchy, dry, but nothing visible. I didn’t make the connection. The  morning after that is when things got interesting. This time itchiness accompanied with soreness and redness were not able to be ignored. Something had gone wrong. I went to the dermatologist the same day she told me it was a little eczema. I was relieved that it was nothing too serious and took the cortisone spray she gave me and thought things were set. Due to how uncomfortable I was at the time I did the natural thing and completely saturated my hair and scalp with the spray. All it did was give me oily looking hair. I used it for the next two days and saw no improvement. The eczema, however was changing with great speed. What had been dry and scab-like had now developed into something similar to  pimples. The entire affected area was covered in them. Red, raised, painful. My hair looked awful, I was in pain, I was at a lost.

I decided to take matters into my own hands. After doing some reading it seemed I wasn’t the only one that didn’t have luck with cortisone. Bring in the natural remedies. They are always worth a shot. The one that I saw in several places was using a combination of coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. Thankfully I had both items already in the house.

Several times a day  I would use a cotton ball with apple cider vinegar over the area, let it dry and massage a small amount of coconut oil. Did this help with the appearance of my hair? No. Was it still oily looking? Yes, I was putting oil directly into my hair and on my scalp. Did it work? ABSOLUTELY.

Within 2 days it was almost completely gone. It was a miracle. Previous to that summer I had never experienced eczema. I can say it was by far one of the most painful and frustrating things to have. I am so grateful I was able to find something that worked and urge anyone to try these two “superheroes” that saved me.



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