Let It Flow

A question that I get often enough is if, as a makeup artist I plan out the looks I do on people ahead of time. Unless there is a situation where I’m told “use these colors, brands, and the person you’ll be working on looks like this..etc.” it is pretty difficult to plan ahead for me.

In the past I’ve quite literally mapped out the face of makeup I planned to do. It was helpful, but in the end I always went off track. I’d start off doing exactly what was on paper, but after spending time with the person and looking at their facial structure, hair, coloring and taking into account their personal style and preference my plans would fade. I started to get frustrated because I thought there was something going on. Why could I not stay on track? Why do I keep changing my mind? Those questions could be answered in two ways. Some might say that it’s not a good thing that I can’t stick to something and that what I had planned would have turned out fine, or even better than “winging it” on the spot. The other side would argue that it’s not a bad thing at all. That it’s creativity coming out. I tend to agree with the second option. What I realized now is that one of the most attractive parts of being a makeup artist is the ability to be creative. If there are last minute ideas I have I can incorporate them. If I take something away to leave a “lighter” finish, I can. The possibilities are truly endless. It’s up to you. Every mark, color, stroke, highlight, lash is yours to do as you please.

This is certainly not just for makeup artists. As you do your makeup in the morning it’s your time to do what you like. If you plan on doing a certain look or try to replicate a look from a celebrity don’t feel bad if you go off track.  Really unless you’ve been doing makeup for a month you should trust yourself enough to get creative. You might come across a new way of doing things that could give you a different look or even save some time. You don’t know unless you try. It’s better to just let it flow.



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