Contouring has gotten so big it’s difficult to write anything on it without getting too involved. I would consider it to be the biggest makeup trend out there, it’s been bought directly into the spotlight. Talking about it however is  like opening a vault of opinions, theories and methods. There are so many articles on how to achieve the perfect contoured face, which products to buy, the color combinations that will most easily and effectively give you the desired look. It’s gotten a bad reputation because a lot of times it’s done incorrectly or to the absolute extreme. Or I know another common thing I hear is ” I don’t want to have a Kardashian face” Understandable. Contrast needs to be present, but not to the point where your face is two distinct different colors. It’s not natural, it’s not normal and it makes it obvious. If you don’t take it too far and follow your facial structure there’s no reason you can’t jump on board.

1. Stay in the family of shade that you already go for. Don’t immediately assume you need a white, white or an orangey dark tan color. There are other options and keep that in mind. I’ve seen in tutorials a lot of times the colors they choose are at a maximum as far as intensity, of course if you have a similar blending technique or skin tone your chances are better, but in the beginning it’s better to adjust accordingly or as your skill level improves. Get to know yourself, the products you use and you can appropriately adapt.

2. Do you have visible cheek bones? What kind of hairline do you have? Do you have a defined jaw? These are just a few things to take into consideration before you take a brush to your face. If you have a very round face and suddenly there are two lines where bones appear to be absent it will look like lines and nothing more. Everything could be in place, you could know exactly how to execute the quintessential contoured face, however if your face doesn’t “allow” for it , it’s as good as having a collection of high quality lip glosses that don’t match your coloring. Go along the lines of your face and you won’t go wrong. Not everyone has a face that can be sculpted like the next person. Everyone is different.

Bottom line, take it easy. There’s a lot to master when it comes to contouring. It won’t happen overnight, there’s a lot of room for improvement and change. Take your time and make it your own.


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