Makeup Mishap: Eyeliner

 There is a look… I’m sure you know the one I’m referring to. A heavy, heavy lined waterline, 99% of the time black liner and worn by predominately middle school-aged girls. It’s kind of like “I just discovered eyeliner!”. Although it’s not uncommon that people don’t grow out of this phase or just never think to do it otherwise. They think “I wear eyeliner, this is how it looks”. I agree in some sense because I too wear eyeliner on my waterline and I know I wouldn’t want to go without it. I even understand the need to wear a good amount of it.

The best tip I have for this is to go on the waterline all you want, but drag it a bit outside too. This will even intensify it more. It doesn’t have to be a big adjustment, you don’t have to make it look like you have dark circles, but extending a little onto the lash line or even underneath that will be a big upgrade. It’s less harsh than the hard lines created with just going back and forth on the waterline. The contrast between bare skin to eyeliner to eye is not necessarily a good one. There can be intensity, boldness, darkness bought to the eyes, but it has to be done delicately in a way that will bring your look to 2015.

The idea of the look will remain, the strength or volume of the eyeliner can remain, but don’t leave it as one dark line. Bring it out, blend it, add a neutral eyeshadow up top on your eyelid to balance.

Eyeliner is your thing, see how it looks with a makeover.


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