Makeup Mishap: Under Eye Concealer

You’ve got some bags under your eyes. As tempting as it is don’t go too light. It seems the right move would be fight fire with fire, but it can end up looking over-the-top. 

Oxygen Media's 2011 Upfront Presentation

The idea is to lighten, not whiten. Don’t get me wrong, if it suits you, you can by all means use a white based concealer. The issue is when that’s all you use and you use a copious amount. This touches a bit into a previous post about contouring because along with contouring goes extreme lights and darks and heavy blending. Beware if you are using a heavy concealer and nothing else to bring the life back into your face. Surely your eye area will be brightened, but remember how a person’s face and skin is supposed to look. No one can avoid the shadows and contours of our eyes, so don’t strip it all away with concealer. You don’t want to look like a mannequin.

I know from personal experience, using too light of a concealer, one that’s just a little too pale for me with too many layers will leave me with a look almost as if I’m squinting. The size of my eyes and the depth from them disappears. Conceal, don’t disappear. 

Celebrities are caught a lot of time with this with flash photography, every mistake is visible. However for everyday use, even with the best of blending and precision something will just look off, unnatural, too much. Dot under the eye in a shade that’s lighter, but not light for the sake of being light. Get something that matches you, your needs, your bags! The coverage will be there I promise. You might be surprised what you can cover even without a thick, too white line under each eye. 


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