Review: Victoria’s Secret Scandalous Fragrance Mist

Sweet. If there’s one word that comes to mind it’s sweet. Too much so. 

Usually when getting new perfume or scents of any kind I like to do a little research, just to see what to expect. Since this isn’t a “serious” perfume I guess you could call it, meaning that it’s not expensive and it’s a body mist more than a perfume I didn’t do any research I took what was around me. I opened a few lids, took a sniff and made a decision while on line. I’ve done this before in Victoria Secret since that’s where I usually get body mists. I’ve gotten some good things that I liked and got good use out of there. The only thing to beware of is the store has a smell of its own, especially near the perfumes, lotions, makeup items. People are spraying, spritzing and testing all day long so there’s a barrier that blocks truly getting the scent of something. In the store this smelled pretty good, I liked that it was a little heavier and sweet.

When I got home I still liked the smell, a little sweeter than I remembered, but I wore it. There was a smell in there though that I couldn’t put my finger on. It didn’t smell good. It was underlying, but I continued to wear it thinking the good would outweigh the bad. Then it came to me. The smell was cotton candy-like, the body mist version. There is a certain smell that only body mists have when something is too sweet, it usually reminds me of either cupcake or cotton candy, this was cotton candy. I hate to use this word, but it smells cheap. I know for $10 it’s a bit to be expected, but as I mentioned earlier I’ve gotten some good stuff from Victoria Secret that doesn’t smell like $10.

photo (3)

Bottom line, after looking on the VS site there is apparently no cotton candy notes, in fact it’s described as having raspberry liqueur and praline notes, which would explain the sweetness. I’m sure there are people that will love this scent. However if you aren’t really into sweet things this will definitely not be for you.

*One plus I must include is that this has very good lasting power. It will last all day on your skin. Even spraying it in my room I could still detect it when I got home at night.


2 thoughts on “Review: Victoria’s Secret Scandalous Fragrance Mist

  1. This is my current Favorite perfume snd I’m saddened and angry once again that they have discontinued MY favorite. Before I wore this I wore Forever which also went discontinued.They need to bring these back. I get so many compliments when wearing these. I love sweet perfumes!!


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