Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivid Lipstick

The color held up to its name. Points immediately for that. 

Although I bought Fuchsia Flash (#865) I’m going to focus more on the quality of the lipstick, consistency, overall thoughts without getting too deep into the color. I think with this line the colors overshadow the other aspects of the lipstick. All you see is “VIVID” and it’s easy to forget there are other ends of the deal that as a lipstick must uphold when you buy it.


  • Buildable– I think that the more the better when it comes to this to really get the full effect, but if you just want a little it will go a long way. It’s perfect if you can’t switch out lipsticks and you have a long day ahead and will change clothes at some point. Earlier on in the day use one or two light coats, later on go for the “vivid” look.
  • Light smell– It’s not going to make you regret wearing it because of the smell. There is a light smell, something cake-like, maybe vanilla, just to give you an idea.
  • Non Drying/Moisturizing– This lipstick is very moisturizing. Even if your lips are dry the more lipstick you apply the better they will feel. They don’t take anything from your lips, they add to them. This also makes for a really good application. Your lips won’t get dragged along because the lipstick is too dry.
  • Non Deceiving-It was a nice surprise that the color looks the same as it does in the tube as on your lips. You can pick confidently that way. If you think the color will look good because of how it looks in the store, chances are good it will look good.
  • Inexpensive– Even for drugstore lipstick this was pretty cheap. It was somewhere in the neighborhood of $5.99. If you would normally spend $20 on a lipstick you could buy a couple of these instead and walk away with a few different colors.


  • After the first time using this I found it a little harder to get the color going. It seems to be very concentrated, I’m assuming because of the strong color, but you’ll just have to push a little harder to work the color in. Once it gets going it’s fine.

Overall I’m very happy with this lipstick. For the price I think it’s good quality, the colors are great for spring. I’m glad I tried one, used it for a few days before buying the entire line, although it wouldn’t have been a bad thing.


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