First Impression: Mica Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow (The Eight Stack)

I had never heard of this brand. I also said that I wasn’t going to get anymore “neutral” or “natural shades” of eyeshadow. I have enough of those at this point. This changed my mind. 

The really only exposure I had to mineral eye shadow was a few free bareMineral eyeshadows that were loose and all the same  color which pretty much matched my eyelid. I didn’t see the appeal. Unscrewing one of those was like opening a container of dust. It went everywhere, it was too light and there was also a fake, scratchy quality in the glitter they used.

The Eight Stack in Bronzed Glory has fine glitter, fine shimmer, it’s light, but smooth. The colors are unique, they glide on and blend seamlessly.

This is perfect for anyone that travels, is new to makeup, wants variety, likes natural makeup, and looks for something that will last.

Travelers: The packaging is so convenient. There are eight shadows to fit, they won’t get lost, they stack neatly, and you end up with a straight tower of eyeshadow that can fit almost anywhere.

Makeup Newbies: If you’re new to makeup this is for you. It would be actually difficult to mess up with these shadows. They are natural colors, they blend so easily and give just the right amount of shimmer. There are a lot of colors to choose from if you are uncomfortable with wearing dark, bold makeup, but still want something there to give you something extra.

Variety Seekers: There are so many combinations to come out of this. Any day, anytime you can come out with something that will fit the occasion. It’s nice to find something other than the 10 different varieties of peach a lot of brands claim as their neutral palette. There aren’t any repeat colors.

Natural Makeup Lovers: Natural in the sense of being mineral and makeup that doesn’t have too much color and is closer to neutrals. This covers both.

All-Nighter-Frequenters: Whether it be because of work or school, you name the reason, this will stay with you. It doesn’t fade, or lose its luster. For as velvety as the texture of the shadows is, it doesn’t crease as I was expecting. All you need to do is use an eyeshadow primer as you normally would and you’ll be good.

*The only tip I’d give along with this is to be close to a sink when applying. It is loose and it will spill if you aren’t careful. Always tap off excess and you need less than you think. If you dip into with your brush and swirl around you’ll find you pick up a lot of eyeshadow that you won’t end up using, it will leave the brush when you tap it off. Take a little, tap off, apply and you can always repeat, by doing this you’ll save product.

Overall, for a first time use I’m completely sold. Great brand and I like mineral eyeshadow to the point where I’ll look into other mineral makeup again.


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