Going Somewhere?

Traveling or not it’s good to know how to pack a makeup bag for a trip. As much as I like makeup it’s one of the last things I pack and I usually look at the clothes as the priority. Through traveling I’ve found that more often than not I tend to bring too much makeup. It’s not a bad thing, but something that I’ve adjusted. Now I feel comfortable packing for a trip knowing I’ll have enough, but not too much.

Take into consideration where you’re headed, how long you’ll be what activities you’ll be doing while there. They seem like simple questions, ones you don’t need to think about. You think about them when choosing clothes to bring, so why not makeup?

  • If you’re going somewhere beach oriented it’ll be warm, you’ll be swimming, you won’t need a lot of makeup. Perhaps you can leave your foundation at home, but bring waterproof mascara and tinted lip balm. If you’re going somewhere exotic you can use makeup you don’t normally get to use at home. Try different looks abroad. See what they do there, get some new ideas.
  • If you’ll only be somewhere a weekend you can stretch your makeup quite a bit. You’ll probably be safe just bring some sample sized products and call it a day.
  • Are you attending a festival, going to an event where you’ll be dressed up? If there’s a party or time during the getaway that you’ll need specific makeup try to add it into what you’re already bringing to cut down. For example, you have a special dinner that you need to be more dressed up for, take the makeup you’d use for the other days and add a different eyeshadow stick and lipstick to use that night.

ros bon voyage cccb pic-1

Something to remember…You’ll be busy. On vacation you’ll be busier than you think, in the past I’ve packed thinking “I’ll use this, or I’ll get these lip glosses on.” Chances are you won’t. When you’re actually on vacation and it’s time to head out for the day you’ll want to get moving and unless you’re going by yourself you’ll have other people waiting on you. Some days I went with just lipstick or very minimal makeup just to get out and start doing things. It’s really not like being at home. Makeup on a trip is more for convenience and less for making a statement.

I hope that soon you’ll need these tips because you’ll all be traveling somewhere fun and exciting.



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