Lip Plumpers

In a tube you can have a fuller set of lips within seconds…At least that’s the claim. 

Lip plumpers or lip products that have lip plumping qualities are one of those things that people either love or hate. I’ve tried quite a few, sometimes on purpose, sometimes not. If the plumping agents are thrown in there and not the main focus of the product I’ll end up using it without having searched it out.


The first thing I notice is that feeling. That hot, tingling, but also numbing sensation. They use ingredients to slightly irritate the lips. As the plumper “works its magic” I’ll become more aware of them, it almost reminds me of when I go to the dentist and my lips feel bigger from being numb. In my head I start to wonder if they appear larger or if it’s just that I feel them more than usual. If it’s a gloss I know for a fact that regular glosses can give the illusion of a plumper mouth on their own. So what’s really going on?  I realize I can’t really say that I like any of the things I’m experiencing. Over and over this has been my experience with lip plumpers. I’ve tested on others as well, going outside the impression of them on myself and I found they didn’t do anything special. I think it’s a great idea, I love the idea… hate the experience of using them.

There’s something very unpleasant about feeling like I’ve been stung on the lips. I haven’t had any allergic reactions to the products, so I can rule that out. However, it is something I consider when working, I choose to never carry glosses with lip plumpers in it. It’s risky. Now you could say any product could cause someone to have an allergic reaction, this is true, but I feel this runs a much higher chance. It doesn’t have to necessarily be an allergic reaction. A reaction too strong could be enough to stray away from these.

There’s two sides to every story. Some people swear by them. There are people that don’t mind the feeling, they feel it “working” they’ll tell you. I believe them. Everyone is different. The results I saw as minimal on myself or even others I’ve used them on could be that “extra something” someone needs. It works for them. This is why I still would encourage you to try them out for yourself. If you’ve never used them or thought to use them, it’s quicker than injections and a lot less expensive.


5 thoughts on “Lip Plumpers

  1. I am 100% on the no like train with lip plumpers. I have tried some where I have actually watched the skin peel off my lips in the mirror. GROSS. That being said, the buxom lip glosses have a plumping agent in them and they are an amazing product! I highly recommend


  2. Agree completely. I know plenty of people swear by them, which is totally cool! It’s a personal choice. To me they sting, and I think anything cosmetic that causes significant discomfort is probably not very healthy in the long run. Hmm I dislike products that just throw lip plumpers in without stating so D: It gives the impression that we’re allergic to it, or it was formulated badly.


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