Curling Iron vs Curling Wand vs Hot Rollers

Now that I own and have used all three, I can safely compare. Now, while writing this we’ll assume one doesn’t stand out clearly because of lack of quality. For example, I’m not comparing a decent curling iron and curling wand to an old hot roller that burns my head and pulls my hair out when I remove them. Assuming all are decent quality products, and are somewhat in the same ballpark, let’s get into it.

*In case you are interested I use all Conair (just coincidentally), the YouCurl Curling Wand, Instant Heat Curling Iron and Xtreme Instant Heat Ceramic Rollers.

Curling Iron: This was the first thing that I owned and used to curl my hair. To me it’s very straightforward, it does the job, the only two things I don’t like about the curling iron are the marks it leaves on your hair from the clamp and the lack of variety in the curl. If you have hair that is all the same the length it can be a challenge to create different looking curls with a curling iron , even with taking different amounts of hair.

Curling Wand: This leaves a more natural looking curl in the hair. The one I have gets leaner towards the top, so it allows for a some different curls. Easy to use, you can turn it and angle it easily without it pulling on your hair once it’s locked into place from the clamp. The downside is you can’t wrap the hair and let it heat on its own, you have to stand there with your arm in the air holding the hair, also on shorter pieces of hair it tends to slip out of the wand easily. There’s a higher chance of burning yourself because your hand is always near it, but most come with gloves to protect you.

Hot Rollers: According to my hair stylist, rollers are the least damaging for your hair when it comes to curling. I like that with curlers after you curl it you are free to continue getting dressed, doing your makeup, make phone calls or whatever else you need to do. As far as the look, they give the most volume, but they also flatten out the easiest, as soon as I’m done I need to spray a little hairspray . They can be pretty fragile when unraveling them from your hair. The trick is to leave them in for long enough, or else you’ll walk away with curls and come back with a slight wave. Something else to consider with these: Does it bother you having something on your head for a period of time?


The breakdown…


Best=Curling Wand

Worst= Hot Rollers

As imagined, the hot rollers take the longest because you have to wait for them to heat up, put them up, take them down and put everything away. The curling iron was the quickest because it’s pretty quick and mindless, it heats up, grab a piece of hair, a few seconds wrapped around, and when you’re done just unplug it. The curling wand was a little longer because of hair slipping out or not curling to the right amount, so there was more re-dos on sections of hair, which takes time.


Best=Hot Rollers

Worst=Curling Iron

The reason I put hot rollers as best was because of the volume they add. I really also like the shine that comes from using the curling wand. I don’t know what it is about the curling wand, but I find it smooths my hair well and takes away frizz. The indents that curling iron’s clamp leaves puts it further down.

Overall I like all three. I use them depending on the style I desire. The curling iron is terrific for pieces of hair, I use it when I put my hair in a ponytail and need a few quick curls. For the entire head I like using the curling wand or hot rollers. Of course your results will depend on the type of hair you have , but I see the value of each one of them.



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