Pink: Feminine and Timeless

If there is a point where I’m on the last part of applying the makeup and I need something to tone it down or neutralize the look I’ll choose pink. The way I see it pink is the ultimate neutralizer. It’s ability to be neutral while also adding color is something I haven’t been able to replicate while using any other color. It compliments while not being too distracting. Sometimes while trying to create a focus point on another part of the face the lack of color actually draws more attention than what you wanted to highlight.

Pink is extremely natural looking. Think, if you were to pinch your cheeks they naturally turn a pink. You can fake healthy color by using a pink blush and lipstick. A rose pink is a color I’ve never found to go wrong with on any skin tone.

If you’re looking to subtract a few years, turn to pink. Instantly you’ll look younger using a pink. Deep, dark colors tend to be harsh if you’re doing a mature makeup application. The depth of the colors is a little too heavy and can exaggerate lines or wrinkles. On lips a very dark color can make everything appear smaller and thinner. (Not what you want when that is what tends to already happen with age.) Pink can brighten the face and gloss over the lines a lot easier.


There are so many shades and variations of pink any of the time of the year you’ll be able to pull it off. A bubblegum pink can compliment a tan in the summer, a mauve/pink in the fall can work well with the darker fashion trends coming into play, a frosty pink will look brilliant in the snowy winter and a baby pink is a classic spring color.

It’s a color that’s timeless and soft. It can transform anything to add femininity. If you aren’t already incorporating pink into your makeup, it might be that time.



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