White Eyeliner

What do you do with something that seems like it’s only purpose is to be the opposite of the more common, and friendly black eyeliner we’re all so comfortable with? 

  • Highlight- Light as it is, the first thing that comes to mind is to use it to highlight. Hit all the usual spots, but the best is  the brow bone and cupid’s bow. (For this you’ll want to find a white eyeliner that smudges/ blends easily)
  • Use it to make your eyes look larger- In most “doll-like makeup” you’ll see makeup artists using white eyeliner around the inner rims , that’s because doll eyes are traditionally big and have a wide-open look. Knowing this you can now use this method any time you need to look a little more awake or want your eyes to look bigger. (When applying the eyeliner careful not to catch eyelashes to keep it clean and not coat your lashes with the white, with darker eyeliners it’s okay to do this because you’d be wearing a dark mascara and it all blends, but be more precise with white)
  • Mix it with lipstick to create a lighter shade- There’s no end of possibilities with this one. Create a lighter shade of your favorite lipstick or make a new one entirely mixing a few lipsticks and white eyeliner.
  • Use it as a base for eyeshadow- In the same way you’d do this with black eyeliner to make a black or dark brown eyeshadow to stick and more intense, use the white eyeliner to make whites whiter or creams more brilliant.

*If white is a little too harsh for your eyes or you want to go with a softer look choose a ivory or peach liner. These tips will apply the same.


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