Review: Urban Decay Eyeshadow

Sellout, ACDC, Mushroom, all colors I’ve bought separately several times over because of how they consistently look good and provide great results.

These shadows all have a metallic quality even when they aren’t the classic metallic colors. They are smooth and rich. I remember on the description they were said to be velvety, and they are just that. One of the things I look for with eyeshadow (other than the color) is the consistency. How does it feel? If you’re going to be wearing it you’ll at least want it to feel nice. I have experienced scratchy eyeshadows before hard as it is to believe. They are out there.

Another great thing about Urban Decay shadows is that you can layer them without killing the colors. Layering won’t dull the two or three colors you’re bringing together to some sort of jumbled mess and color that doesn’t resemble any color specifically. You can blend safely knowing they will look as bright and possess the quality each of the individual colors have on their own.

Any color you need you can find with Urban Decay eyeshadows. They have such a huge range and variety. Whether you’re into neutrals or neons you’ll have no problem tracking it down.Urban Decay was the first eyeshadow I ever used. Am I partial to it because of that? Could be, but at the same time since then I’ve used a lot of other eyeshadows and no other brand has the feel and has me coming back the way this one does.


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