Makeup Mishap: Sun Protection

In the attempt to shield your face from the sun there can be a lot area for error. You want to make sure that you are indeed being protected, but does that mean you have to sacrifice the overall look of your face?

When the sun comes out it can result in a glossy, sunscreen-filled mess. From your lips, to your nose, to your hairline a thick layer of sun defense liquids will appear in no time. Some days you can get away with just a little foundation that has a low SPF, but it’s summer now. The beach, vacation, holidays spent outside, hiking, whatever you’ve got planned there’s no doubt that whatever you’ve been doing over the winter/spring for sun protection for your skin won’t cut it. Chances are you’ll be using heavier SPF and more of it. The problem is mixing foundation and sunscreen just leaves you with a larger quantity of foundation that no longer matches your skin. If you have perfect skin already and don’t feel the need to use any concealer or foundation and want to stick with straight sunscreen there’s no denying it can leave you looking like a ghost.( Especially if you have medium-dark skin)

The Solution: 

There’s a few ways to go about this. You could go with a tinted moisturizer with a high SPF, a BB cream, a tinted sunscreen (these are my favorite) . Any of those work. They are easy, the color is there, the SPF is there. Still they do tend to slip and slide more than the average foundation. That’s where a light powder would come in (preferably also with SPF), just a dusting. You don’t want to create a clay pot on your face while sitting out in the sun. You’ll want to avoid layers because they’ll only come off with heat. For your lips you’ll want to take the same idea in mind ( color + SPF) , a chapstick or tinted lip color with a SPF is great because you get the benefit of those solid white sunscreen sticks for your lips while adding color and disguising the sun tan lotion that leaves them pale.


The rest goes back to common sense, break out a hat, keep cool, cover yourself when necessary and enjoy the sun.


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