Review: Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Powder Foundation

Since clearing my skin by keeping away from all foundations I was hesitant to try anything. I didn’t want anything to interfere with my progress. I also feared since it had been a while since I wore anything my skin would reject something new and be more prone to breaking out with an intruder on its surface. Thankfully with this product none of these are concerns. 

The first thing that I must mention is the coverage. It took me back. One swipe, one dusting, one circle made with your brush or sponge will cover things that some concealers can’t. The best way to describe this powder is an eraser. Speaking of which…let’s not forget it is a powder. In most cases powder = drying, right? No. Remarkably this foundation is completely non-drying. On the other hand it also won’t clog your pores with a thick, oily formula.

The reason behind looking for foundation at all was because I still see some redness with my skin, especially with more sun in the summer, it was time to find something.

This foundation is the best of both worlds. Protects against the sun (SPF 20) and erases any imperfections.

The only thing that I must warn you with this is since the coverage is so good it’s easy to go overboard. I found too much leaves you looking like you’re about to go on stage. It can look similar to stage/theatre makeup. It covers absolutely everything and is only one color. However, if worn correctly it can look so natural,as if you have nothing on and just have a flawless face. While wearing this I did have someone ask if I was wearing makeup. As far as “matching” to my skin (as it claims to do in the name) I didn’t see anything that led me to believe it does that, but I can’t take off any points because I’m just as happy with it despite that.

This Argan Matchmaker Powder Foundation was more than what I was expecting and most of all managed to perfect my skin while not sending my skin into a frenzy. Not many things can do that.


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