Wake Up Looking & Feeling Better

If there’s one way to save time in the morning it’s looking better when waking up, there’s less to cover up and less to fuss with. It simplifies things. While you’re at it you might as well feel better too. Luckily the two go together.

These are a few things that I’ve found to be helpful, they can be hard to work into your schedule if you’re used to a certain way, but they do make a difference and can get you out the door faster and feeling better.

1. Wearing your hair in a bun or braids. That silly looking bun on top of your head that a lot of people wear to bed actually has some use. Taking it down in the morning gives your hair some lift and also keeps it in pretty much the same condition as the night before. Sleeping on your hair down presses it into the pillow, your face, leaves it flatter and possibly sticking to your head. If you have greasy hair this will cut down a lot on the build-up overnight. Now, I don’t recommend wearing this bun out of the house because it will look like you slept in it, but for sleeping it’s effective. Braids work just as well. It depends on what kind of thing you want to wake up with in the morning. Loose braids work a lot better for waves, tight braids will leave you looking like you used a crimping iron. I’m not too in to trends, but in most places I think that look is out. Dry shampoo to give your hair some extra volume you may have lost during the night and you’re good to go.

2. Moisturizing your skin well. Most important is around the eyes. Especially if you know you aren’t one to just lay on your back all night. The folds and positions that your face will get into during the night will show up less in the morning with skin that isn’t so dry. Use a cream on your hands and feet.

3. Judging whether or not to address the pimple(s) on your face. Sometimes it’s best to let it go. Don’t go crazy and attack the blemishes if they are too deep under the skin to matter yet. All you’ll get is a red spot in the morning where you used something to dry it out with the pimple in the same state it was in the night before. If it is bothering you and it is close to where it would pop, by all means it’s time to do something about it. It’ll take care of it while you’re sleeping. It’s your call, but it could make a difference in the morning.

4.Eating something & drinking water. I know there are a lot of rules about how many hours you should give yourself after eating to sleep, but I’ve found if I’m hungry eating does me a lot more good than waking up in the middle of the night with my stomach growling. Don’t go overboard and have something heavy, but be satisfied and sleep. IT’S OKAY. Drinking water is just as important. You’ll sleep better and wake up not feeling so parched, not to mention it’s better for your skin.

5.Getting rid of electronics. Probably out of all the tips I’ve found this to be in the top 3 as far as helpful. Don’t be the person to fall asleep and have the phone hit your face. Don’t scroll through Instagram until your eyes can’t take it. Believe it or not you will fall asleep without your phone, computer, etc. If your mind races at night, turn off the electronics and see how much calmer you feel.

6. Sleeping somewhere dark. I can see the difference and feel it when I’ve slept with a light on. I still feel tired, my eyes feel sunken. I feel like I didn’t have the “night” that we all need to sleep well.

7. Organizing and realizing what can be done that night. I’m grouping these together because it’s kind of the same thing in some ways. Do your best to organize what you can for the next morning. Finish stuff that needs to be done so it’s not weighing on your mind. After that take time to realize what can be done that night. If it can’t be done until next week. Put it out of your head.

8. Taking care of your teeth. Whatever your routine is, do it. Brush them, use a water pick, floss, use mouthwash, if you wear retainers wear them. If I don’t wear my retainers I’m guaranteed a headache and teeth sensitivity the entirety of the next day from grinding.

9. Stretching. Don’t feel obligated to do yoga, but if you’re neck is bothering you take out a minute to stretch it out. If you’ve been sitting all day take the time to move your joints around.

All of these combined or some combination of these have left me with a lot easier morning as better evenings as well. Some of them are simple and easy to overlook, but they can make all the difference.


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