Gym Makeup

People give the people that wear a lot of makeup to the gym a hard time. Perhaps they don’t know how to wear makeup that is suitable to the gym, or they like sweating colors when all their makeup comes off. Either way there are a few things to remember if you don’t want to fall into that category.

There was a time that I wore a decent amount of makeup to the gym. My skin wasn’t good , I was wearing a lot of foundation/concealer. I wore other makeup to balance it out. This is one of the worst things you can do. Even with efforts not to touch my skin, those were almost canceled out by the damage done while working out. Your pores will clog with all that stuff on your face. There’s also the feeling of having so much on your face. If that’s something you don’t care about normally, I’ll double check during and after you workout. It feels like different layers melting off in stages.

What to avoid: 

1.Heavy Foundation This stuff will be covering most of your face so it’s number one.

2.Lipstick/Lipgloss Sticky, smudging and coming off onto your water bottle/container.

3.Thick Mascara/Eyeliner It’s likely to run and it’s not comfortable.

What I’d Recommend :

1. It’s a lot to ask to go in barefaced. I understand that, but each little bit left off makes a difference. Wear something light, breathable and maybe some a little bronzer to contour slightly. Hit the places that need concealer, but don’t worry about covering everything as flawlessly as during the rest of the day.

2. Chapstick. Something with a little tint, but absolutely forget the lipgloss. It’s gross trying to take sips of water while moving and smearing your lipgloss. There’s plenty of places that lipgloss is appropriate, the gym isn’t one of them.

3.Lighten it up. If you use a lot of mascara, just go with a two swipes. It might be less than you wear normally, but it’s enough. Same goes for eyeliner, just use a little, if any. Filling in your eyebrows a bit will stretch the amount of eye makeup you have as well.

Most important is that you feel good in the gym of wherever you happen to be doing your workout. Whatever boosts your confidence in the gym and allows you to move better knowing you look okay is what you should wear. These were a few ways to lessen the amount of makeup it takes to do that.


5 thoughts on “Gym Makeup

  1. So true on the things to avoid, although I’m trying to test how good/smudge-proof this eyeliner is, and decided to wear it while working out today 🙂 Hope you have a chance to check out my blog as well!


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