Don’t Lose Your Spark

The idea for this came yesterday watching the fireworks. They come, they crack, sparkle and they go out with the smoke. Maybe it’s a stretch, but it reminded me of how some trends/fads, even things we were once so into go out before you know it. The trick is to catch when it does and to start again.

Don’t wait until everything you look at you’re sick of. Your hairstyle from early 2010, the lipstick that you’ve been wearing for as long as you can remember. Things add up quickly and you might find that you’re just tired of the look you’ve been carrying because it was once in style and now you don’t know where to go. Don’t be afraid to clear out your closet, take a closer look at the things you own (makeup included) and ask why you have it or what it’s doing for you. It’s not hard to start thinking that it’s you, that you’re just not what you were or not up to par anymore. Look at what is making you, you. When you take off all the jewelry, fake lashes and extensions …who are you?

This doesn’t have to be an expensive process. By just becoming aware of why you gravitate towards certain things or looks it can uncover a lot. (etc. The reason you only wear dark makeup is because you feel you didn’t look good enough to wear anything else that didn’t mask your features …an idea that you formulated 2 years ago.) 

This is a perfect time to start new and dig into what is current, what appeals to you, what doesn’t. Through taking the extra step and asking why and exploring you’ll find a more recent, happier you with things and an image that truly fits you.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Lose Your Spark

  1. Great words! I think it’s pretty hard to be yourself, it takes courage and a strength that not everyone is aware about. Once you found yourself, try your best not to lose you anymore, not to be a pale copy of others.
    Sometimes, it takes time to experiment, but it worth it 🙂


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