Review: Pacifica Eyeliner

Eyeliner. If I need it I go to the closest CVS and pick up any dollar pencil liner and that’s that. I’ve been doing that for a while with the exception of an emerald eyeliner from Laura Mercier that I’d get once in a while because I couldn’t find a similar color from the drug store. This worked. I don’t know why, but eyeliner was the one thing I really did not like to spend money on. I guess it’s the feeling of looking at something that looks like a pencil and having to pay anywhere from $18 to $22 for it. It didn’t sit right with me.

I started to get a little disappointed with my standard dollar black eyeliners. They’d fade and end up looking gray or charcoal at best. It would take time and to get them to give any color at all. Especially over eyeshadow or on the outside of my eye. I could trace my lashline endlessly and nothing would come up. It would just take the eyeshadow I used. Sometimes it would hurt to apply. I could never get it to look black or dramatic. So what’s the point?

With this Pacifica eyeliner it’s the middle of the road. It’s not a dollar, but it’s also not $20. I got mine for $9.99. The difference between this pencil and the ones from CVS is enough to pay the extra money. The quality is there. One thing that I didn’t like from the other pencils was they would never go on easily. The brilliance and depth never came through. Even after pressing harder and going back and forth it wouldn’t deliver. I was amazed how little effort it took to get that true black, black. That’s the whole idea in buying a certain color, that it comes out that color. If you buy black chances are you are looking for a jet black, much like the name of the eyeliner ( “Jet”) As sharp as it looks it’s not pokey. It goes on creamy. Can’t ask for anything better. I wasn’t expecting there to be that much of a difference. As soon as I tried it I saw the difference. If you are like me with your eyeliner, it’s probably time to upgrade.


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