What Is It Like To Be A Makeup Artist?

I don’t know what comes to the average person’s mind when they think of a makeup artist. Maybe someone with a stressed look on their face running backstage in all black with brushes at their belt at the ready. It could also be someone that wears a lot of makeup…but knows what they are doing, or someone on a TV show that gives advice to people on makeup.

Let’s talk about you. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a makeup artist?

Have you thought about what skills are necessary? If you would be”good”at it?

Like most things you grow into it, you improve and the most important thing is that you enjoy it. This video talks about the things I find essential to know in order to determine if this is for you as well as some interesting things you may not have known.


  • Fads change and trends come and go, being fresh and up to date with what’s the latest thing will give you a leg up. Keep reading, keep watching videos, keep learning. You can’t go wrong with that. (If you want to be a makeup artist or not)
  • There are different paths you can go down, go freelance if it suits you. Do something that fits your personality or in certain cases your schedule (if this is something you plan to do on the side)
  • If life won’t allow you to do this makeup-artist-thing right now, don’t give up. If it’s something you like keep going at it.

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