Healthy Hair

Do you want it? Do you have it? 

What can improve, change or keep it in good health?

Vitamins: From food and in pill form. Eat as well as you can, it’s best to get what you need from food. It’s not necessary to invest in every vitamin there is or to take a bunch of pills. However, there are some things that I’ve noticed to really help with hair. Omega-3 fish oil helps with keeping your hair strong and adds shine. Vitamin D helps with hair growth. If there are areas of your head with thinning hair try Vitamin D.

*Vitamins won’t work in a few days or even in a few weeks, they can take time to “kick in” (usually a few months) Be patient.

Limiting Heat: In the middle of the winter it’s hard to resist using heat to dry your hair, and in this case it’s better than going out with a wet head. If it’s summer or you live in a warmer climate, why not let your hair air dry? If you must use a hairdryer set it on “warm”or “cool” and style your hair without heat. Look up some heatless hairstyles. Roll your hair, braid it, there are so many online. My rule is I try not to do both using heat. It’s either I dry it or style it. It helps from drying out the ends.

Cutting your hair: Don’t go 6 months without cutting it , speaking as someone who just did that, keep your hair healthy by cutting it every few weeks (6-8 weeks) and it will repay you. It will seem thicker, help to give it a lift and remove any dead ends that cause dullness.

Coloring less: If you go every 2 months to color your hair double check that that’s when you really need it and not just when the receptionist schedules you for next time. Of course it’s better for your hair to color your hair brown than bleaching it to a platinum blonde, but the idea is to touch it when you need and that’s it. If you can get away with highlights go for highlights rather than coloring the entire head.

Using styling products that work with your hair: Easy on the hairspray. Make sure the serum isn’t making your hair oily looking. If it’s on your head and in your hair it should have a purpose, otherwise it’s just sitting there. If you can lessen the amount of added product you have to scrub out later that day it’s a plus.

Shiny, thick, strong hair easily creates curls, takes color well and falls just so along your face. Having your hair in good condition makes everything easier, no matter if you like your hair pin straight, voluminous or tousled, it’s better all around.


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