Review: Victoria’s Secret Shea Hydrating Body Lotion

Free sample? Yes please!

That’s how I was introduced to this lotion. Of course I vaguely recall seeing something about the Shea line coming to VS, but it seemed like another one of their lotions. There are so many scents, lotions, oils, mists, washes, creams etc. in that place I didn’t give it a lot of weight.

I was offered a free sample of this last time I was in Victoria’s Secret and I have to say I think they did something different with this lotion as compared to the others. As much as I like some of the smells of their other lotions, I rarely buy them. They are a little runny and sometimes tacky. I don’t feel they do much other than smell good.

With the Shea Lotion I have to say they seemed to really have put all their efforts into moisturizing aspect. I do feel a difference. Not just because I have the lotion on. (Sometimes with lotions and creams you feel your skin is softer when you have it on, but half of what you are feeling is the lotion itself, which is soft and smooth) This lotion absorbs very quickly. Which is a good thing in that all you’re left with is naturally soft feeling skin, rather than soft skin with stuff over it. I like that it leaves the skin feeling soft on its own without a trace of lotion. You do smell the perfume in the lotion, which is also great. The smell is similar to vanilla, but before it gets too sweet it changes and gets deeper. I’m a big fan. Another plus is that it’s paraben free.

Very surprised with this stuff. I guess the only downside I could think of is if you don’t really like products absorbing too quickly. Your skin will almost eat it the minute it goes on, but the benefit would be that your skin will be softer for it.

Something new went into creating this lotion from Victoria’s Secret, I see big difference from their other lotions. I would certainly go back for the full-sized version.


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