“I’m SO Bad At Makeup!”

I’m sure you’ve encountered people that tell you they are terrible at dong makeup. They feel like it’s a dead end and they’ll never get the hang of it. Maybe you’re that person. While some are more naturally inclined than others (same as most things) there isn’t any magic involved and anyone can apply and wear makeup. The secret is baby steps.

Trying to go for a complicated look right away that involves every product of makeup out there is setting yourself up for failure. People feel unless they can duplicate what someone at a makeup counter did to them, or what a tutorial showed they are completely incapable when it comes to makeup. This is NOT TRUE. What you want to do is add skills one at a time. Get the nude lip down, work on applying fake eyelashes, get the right shape for your brows and fill them in properly. Before you know it you’ll master the everyday things people pull off aka the infamous cat eye. Take small steps, practice and keep at it. In the video I give some tips and a safe look that cuts around any first-time or common mistakes that would frustrate.


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