Prevent Getting Reinfected

 Blisters, boils, zits, cuts, sores, how many times have you started out with one and within the next few days another two or  three appear? They shouldn’t be there and you want to cover them up. Whenever there is something open on your face there’s always a chance for it to spread or reinfect. Add makeup to the mix and we’ve got an even bigger chance for infection to come back.

Let’s start with the basics:

Nails– I’m sure you’ve heard that one of the dirtiest places is under the nail. When you scratch your face (if you must) try to lightly take the back of your hand to take the itch away. Keeping your nails shorter is better, but if you like long nails then I won’t tell you to change them… do not pick at anything, if you have a pimple don’t touch it.

Hands- Keep them off your face, don’t rest your face in your hands and of course wash them before washing your face or applying makeup.

Brushes-Even if you plan to wash them or disinfect them after touching whatever is open on your face it’s better to be safe and use your finger to conceal just incase the some of the bacteria doesn’t leave completely.

Treating the area:

Let’s say you just got out of the shower and something opened. You have work/school in 20 minutes. There are two options leave it or cover it.

Leaving it natural- Of course this is best option. Use some hydrogen peroxide and a little vaseline or ointment, dab off the excess and you’re good.

Covering it up-This is the more popular option because if you have the option to cover an imperfection vs showing it off we’ll always cover it. The same applies as when keeping it natural, so get the hydrogen peroxide and an antibiotic ointment. Dab the least amount of makeup you can get away with over the area concentrating on the skin around the area that was open. You can’t do too much about texture and if it’s a scab it will be visible, but you can change the darkness or redness.***VERY IMPORTANT! if you are going to do this always create a barrier between the scab/open wound . All you need is a thin layer to keep the makeup from sinking in so deeply. This will also make it easier to remove at the end of the day. The last thing you want is the makeup drying to what is open.

Unfortunately if you have a face there will always be a chance of something popping up, thankfully you have the power to lessen the amount of time that it stays there and help it heal quickly and correctly.


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