Night Eye Care

I’m not so good as to take my makeup off the minute I come in from the day, but I do always remember to take it off before bed. Eyes are sensitive as well as the skin around them is extremely thin. Here’s what I do to keep everything, clean, moisturized and free of any irritation for the night. 

From the start: 

Make-up is on and needs to come off. This is easily the most time consuming part, making sure every bit of mascara, eyeliner, primer and shadow is removed.

  1. I start off with a cotton pad and soak in Neutrogena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover. I used to have the patience to let those sit on my eyes for a few minutes while it really sinks into your eyelids, but i’ve come to the conclusion that there are very few things that you can do with your eyes closed and head tilted backwards so the cotton pads don’t fall off, so I just press them down for a few seconds one at a time and begin to wipe. This usually gets the bulk of the makeup off.
  2. Taking a Q-Tip I take some more eye makeup remover and go around the corners and edges of my eyes to remove any thing left over.
  3. I get another cotton pad and put them under the water to absorb it and wipe my eyes again. This step I do just to get any residue off from the eye makeup remover. I find it a lot easier doing this rather than leaving it on my face and trying to wash it all off.
  4. Now comes the face washing, I rinse anything and everything off my face with warm water and finish with cool.
  5. Eye cream. One that has yet to fail me is Clinique All About Eyes. It’s very gentle and believe me I’ve got some sensitive eyes. I tap it on and rub it in under my eyes and slightly lower than my brow bone.
  6. If my eyes feel dry from the day or I have an eyelash from removing the makeup I might put in a few eye drops ( Systane Ultra High Performance Lubricant Eye Drops)

I’ve been doing the same routine for a few years and luckily my eyes have responded well to it. If you have sensitive eyes or are looking for a routine to compare to, here it is.


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