Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzer Review

Delicious all around.

Chocolate + Bronzer? Sounds almost too good to be true. Now, as someone who’s used actual cocoa powder as a bronzer as an experiment I was a little skeptical. This was either going to be really good or a total miss. Fair as I am, I usually go for the lightest of options. (This bronzing powder comes in 3 shades) This time I went for the middle option (medium to dark) just for something different. Guess what? It works! I think that says a lot about this bronzer, the fact that the transitions to darker shades are subtle enough to work.

For me bronzers don’t have to be matte to win me over, but I do think this one looks best being matte. I can’t really imagine it with any shimmer or sparkle. It’s very natural looking and will do just the trick to get me through the fall/winter to bring a little warmth to my face.

The smell…hot chocolate. It’s a treat every time you open it. The nice thing is that the smell also transfers to your face. It’s not just one of those things that smells in a large quantity, but when you use a little of it , it doesn’t leave the same impression.

This has to be my favorite bronzer thus far. It is nowhere near orange , it smells spectacular and it blends easily. What else could you ask for?


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