Don’t Want To Buy A Costume?

Halloween is coming. What’s better than getting dressed up and being creative. One of the ways to test your creativity is to see how you can avoid blowing a lot of money on a costume. There are ways around investing in something you’ll only get on once.

  • Masks-It doesn’t get any more simple than this. Put something over your face and call it a day. That’s your costume. Done and done. If you want something with more options you can use a masquerade mask where part of your face is still showing. I just got one myself and I’m looking forward to using.It acts as more of an accent to your face than covering it completely.*Wearing all black makes your body invisible. No need to worry if you don’t have anything to wear along with the rest of your look. The focus will be what you choose to show.
  • Makeup- Makeup itself can be a costume. Draw yourself a cat face, a skull, or the lips and eyes of a flapper and they’ll be no denying that that is your costume. Do your nails and it extends the costume. Black and orange just give an overall Halloween feel, but if you want to do something specific for the costume, do that.
  • Props- Fresh flowers for your hair for Frida Kahlo, an umbrella for the Morton Salt Girl, there are endless options for what props you use and there’s a good chance they are just laying around your house.

If you’re short on time and need a costume last minute or short on money. These give you a little wiggle room on the spookiest day of the year.


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